Voice Lessons

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Private Vocal Instruction
Weekly private beginner, intermediate or advanced levels of instruction are available. Lesson lengths of 30, 45, or 60 minutes and lesson times will be arranged with the teacher.

Voice lessons involve a five subject course curriculum: Repertoire, Technique, Ear Training, Sight Reading and Theory


Collaborative Music Program / Chamber Music Program
Collaborative programs are held throughout the year and offer wonderful opportunities to learn exciting new repertoire and to rise to the challenges of musical collaboration. Under professional guidance, students will become better all around musicians and learn life-long skills in musical collaboration. Students will have fun while creating beautiful sounds together. In this program there is potential for both competition and performance, based on team learning and development.

Consultation Lesson
This lesson gives the new student the opportunity to meet with the teacher before lessons begin and to discuss their goals and aspirations. It also gives the teacher a chance to hear the student sing, to give feedback on what needs to be worked on, and to explain how the teacher will work with the students’ particular, unique instrument.  The teacher will also evaluate sight-singing and ear-training abilities.  The Consultation Lesson is 30 minutes long and the  is $30.00.