Theory Syllabus

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The acquisition of theoretical and historical knowledge is necessary for a well-rounded and complete musical education. Theoretical levels coincide with performance levels strengthening the students understanding of the repertoire and studies with which they are working.

“The BCCM Theory Syllabus is both thorough and comprehensive in its treatment of the materials of music and is appropriate for all music students who are seeking a better understanding of the music they are learning to play. As such, it compares favorably in scope and standard with similar curricula within Canada and others worldwide.

It is confirmed that this syllabus provides suitable preparation for those students who plan on applying for admission to the Bachelor of Music at the UBC School of Music, and on taking our entrance examination in music theory.

Dr. William Benjamin, Professor University of British Columbia School of Music.

General Information
Grade Courses
Preliminary Basic Rudiments
Grade 1 Intermediate Rudiments
Grade 2 Advanced Rudiments
Grade 3 Basic Harmony
Grade 3 History 3: Orchestra and Romantic Period
Grade 4 Intermediate Harmony
Grade 4 History 4: Middle Ages, Baroque and Classical Periods
Grade 4 Counterpoint
Grade 5 Advanced Harmony and Counterpoint
Grade 5 History 5: Impressionism, 20th century and beyond
History Examination Guidelines
The Invention
Dictionaries and Encyclopedias
Rudiments, Harmony, Counterpoint
Books, Websites
Analysis, 20th Century Compositions