Grade 7 Studies Book




Study No.- Title Listen Composer
Study No. 1 – The Toreodor’s Song Β πŸ”Š Loeschhorn
Study No. 2 – Study in F major Β πŸ”Š Czerny
Study No. 3 – Study in B flat major Β πŸ”Š Czerny
Study No. 4 – The Sunriver Β πŸ”Š Khvatov
Study No. 5 – Study in G major Β πŸ”Š Czerny
Study No. 6 – Lyric Waltz Β πŸ”Š Reinhold
Study No. 7 – Study in C major Β πŸ”Š Czerny
Study No. 8 – Victory March Β πŸ”Š Mendelssohn
Study No. 9 – Carousel Β πŸ”Š Marmontel
Study No.10 – Little Tarantella Β πŸ”Š Heller
Study No.11 – Etude in C minor Β πŸ”Š Bertini
Study No.12 – Virtuosity Β πŸ”Š Czerny
Study No.13 – The Naughty One Β πŸ”Š Hofmann
Study No.14 – Waltz Β πŸ”Š Lemoine
Study No.15 – Fantastic Dance Β πŸ”Š Schumann
Scales, chords, and arpeggios
Ear Training
Melody Playback
Clapback Patterns
Melody Harmonization
Intervals and Chords
Sight Reading
Rhythm Patterns