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Grade 2 Studies Book w/ CD




Study No.- Title Listen Composer
Study No. 1 – Gliding Β πŸ”Š Spindler
Study No. 2 – Follow The Leader Β πŸ”Š Kohler
Study No. 3 – Lyric Tune Β πŸ”Š Czerny
Study No. 4 – Playing Tag Β πŸ”Š Streabbog
Study No. 5 – The Spinning Wheel Β πŸ”Š Czerny
Study No. 6 – Melody Β πŸ”Š Czerny
Study No. 7 – Just Kidding Β πŸ”Š Richert
Study No. 8 – Study in Thirds Β πŸ”Š Czerny
Study No. 9 – Jumping Jack Β πŸ”Š Goedicke
Study No.10 – The Ballerina Β πŸ”Š Hunten
Study No.11 – The Happy Duo Β πŸ”Š Czerny
Study No.12 – The Waterfall Β πŸ”Š Schytte
Study No.13 – Bagpipe Β πŸ”Š Khvatov
Β —–
Scales, chords, and arpeggios
Ear Training
Clapback Patterns
Β  Melody Playback
Β  Intervals
Sight Reading
Rhythm Patterns