Grade 1 Studies Book




Study No.- Title Listen Composer
Study No. 1 – Study in C major Β πŸ”Š Czerny
Study No. 2 – Gliding Β πŸ”Š Kohler
Study No. 3 – Playtime Β πŸ”Š Czerny
Study No. 4 – Hunting Horns Β πŸ”Š Oesten
Study No. 5 – Hoppy Β πŸ”Š Czerny
Study No. 6 – Morning Greeting Β πŸ”Š Czerny
Study No. 7 – Study in C major Β πŸ”Š Diabelli
Study No. 8 – The Polite Child Β πŸ”Š Gurlitt
Study No. 9 – Study in C major Β πŸ”Š Gurlitt
Study No.10 – Independent Hands Β πŸ”Š Gurlitt
Study No.11 – Eastbound Train Β πŸ”Š Czerny
Study No.12 – Westbound Train Β πŸ”Š Czerny
Study No.13 – Copy Cat Β πŸ”Š Kohler
Study No.14 – The Chase Β πŸ”Š Richert
Study No.15 – The Elevator Β πŸ”Š Kohler
Β —–
Scales, chords, and arpeggios
Ear Training
Clapback Patterns
Melody Playback
Sight Reading
Rhythm Patterns