Piano Lessons

piano, piano lessonsStudents may enroll in the Conservatory Piano Program from the age of 4 for private piano lessons where they will begin their training with introductory pre-grade one method books.  Students younger than the age of 4 are encouraged to enter the Music For Young Children program.For the most part, the “reading” or “traditional” method of instruction is employed at BCCM. This involves learning to read music at the early stages of training. Students interested in the Suzuki method should specifically request Suzuki training at the time of registration.
For further information regarding available lesson times, registration, or policies, contact the BCCM office.

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Intermediate and Advanced Students

Private lessons are also available for students at the intermediate to advanced levels, including College and University preparation.

Goals are fundamental to success and achievement. Students entering the Conservatory will have as one of their goals, to complete at least one grade level per school year. Master classes and recitals are available every month for students to perform the pieces with which they are working.

Length of Lessons
Piano lessons range from 30 minutes to 60 minutes per week depending on the level of the student. A guideline for the length of lessons is as follows:

Pre-grade to Grade 2 30 min lesson per week
Grade 3 to Grade 6 45 min lesson per week
Grade 7 to Diploma 60 min lesson per week

Instruction in Piano involves a five subject course curriculum:

1) Repertoire      2) Technique      3) Ear Training       4) Sight Reading      5) Theory

High School Credits
Achievement in BCCM Examinations is recognized for credit towards secondary school graduation. Upon presentation of a BCCM certificate students will receive High School credit. For the BC Ministry of Education confirmation, click here.

Exams, Certificates and Diplomas
Students wishing to enter an examination for their grade may do so. Upon successful completion of an examination, the student will be issued a diploma or a certificate of achievement.

Certificates are granted to students who have successfully completed practical or theory examinations for Grades 1 – 10. Diplomas are granted to students who successfully complete one or more practical examinations with theory co-requisites at the Diploma level as follows:

Associate Teacher Diploma
Licentiate Performance Diploma
Licentiate Honours Diploma
Fellowship Diploma
L.B.C.M Hon.