Lucian Barz

Coming from a simple Romanian family with a good taste for traditional Romanian folk music, Lucian Barz, now a young professional musician, was welcomed into the music realm by his early tutors and mentors from his hometown music school. He first started playing the violin at age of 7, when one of his childhood friends came over with a violin and played a Mazurka. He loved the instrument at first sight.

lucian_bwWith the help of his parents, Lucian auditioned for the music school, and start taking lessons shortly thereafter. After only three years of studying he played his first recital, performing Bach’s Violin Concerto in A minor. When the opportunity presented itself, he auditioned and received a scholarship to study for his Bachelor’s Degree in violin with Robert Rozek. During his studies, he was introduced to the viola, and fell in love with its deep, beautiful sound. In his third year he switched majors and therefore teachers: he started working with Isabelle Roland.

Each summer Lucian travels back to Europe; attending music festivals, touring with orchestras, playing solo and chamber music, and working with prestigious musicians such as Robert Rozek, Christoph Schiller, Graham Oppenheimer, Detlef Hahn, John York, Francois Killian and Jonathan Brett-Harrison. Currently, Lucian is a faculty member at the BC Conservatory of Music, where he teaches violin and viola technique and repertoire. Mr. Barz is the conductor of the British Columbia Conservatory of Music String Ensembles.