Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find the answer you are looking for in the FAQ page, you can submit an inquiry through our Contact Us page or call our main campus: (604) 299-2984.

Q : Where can I take my lessons?
A : BC Conservatory of Music has three locations from which you can take your music lessons. Please see Locations & Maps for exact address details.

Q : When does the regular school year start?
A : The British Columbia Conservatory of Music is open for instruction all year round with the regular school year starting the first day after Labour day in September to June 30th and Summer School from July 1st to mid-August. Please check the school calendar for teaching days and hoilday closures.

Q : Can I register for a private lesson or classes after the school year has started?
A : Yes, however an interview with the teacher will have to be arranged prior to the start of lessons. For theory students, an evaluation test may also need to be written.

Q : Aside from weekly lessons, what else can I participate in?
A : BCCM offers a wide range of music opportunities for students of all levels, including: monthly recitals, master classes, music festivals and music examinations.

Q : Do I receive any high school credits for learning music?
A : Yes, credits from BCCM Examinations are recognized by the BC Ministry of Education. Click here for a detailed explanation of credits that you may earn.

Q : What is the BCCM tuition fee policy?
A : Regardless of the date of enrollment, tuition fees are due in advance until the end of June. In the case of a theory course where there is a set course length, payment is required until the end of the term. Registration will not be accepted and lessons will not begin until full payment has been received by BCCM office.

Q : Can tuition fees be paid using cheques?
A : Payment may be made using the following methods:

  1. Monthly postdated cheques dated the 1st of each month. All cheques are required at the time of registration.
  2. ONE cheque to cover the entire amount from the start date of lessons until the end of June or the term.
  3. There is a $35 for NSF cheques.
  4. In the event that a student withdraws from BCCM, having given the 30 day notice to terminate lessons, any fees prepaid on a credit card will be refunded minus 10% of the remaining amount for credit card fee and administration fee.

Q : Can tuition fees be paid using a Credit Card?
A : Payments using a Credit Card must be processed as a one time payment for the entire school year (or term). Payment may be made using VISA or MASTERCARD.

Q : Why must the fees be paid for the entire term or year?
A : Payment is required for the entire term or year in order to secure the student’s time and place on the schedule for their weekly lessons.

Q : Are tuition fees tax deductible?
A : Tax Receipts
The British Columbia Conservatory of Music is registered with the British Columbia Ministry of Education as a post-secondary institute which enables it to issue tax deductible receipts to registered students in accordance with Revenue Canada guidelines.

Q : What percentage of tuition fees is tax deductible?
A : Tuition Tax Credit
Students, regardless of their age, studying a recognized curriculum such as the British Columbia Conservatory of Music curriculum at the Grade 9 music level and higher, are now eligible to claim the tuition for lessons and exam fees. Further, students may transfer up to $5000 per year to a parent. The tax saving for the person who owes federal and provincial income tax is about one fifth of the expenses claimed.