The education standard of the British Columbia Conservatory of Music is among the highest available in Canada. The faculty consists of over fifty professional, enthusiastic teachers and performers who are able to inspire and interact constructively with their students. All teachers have been highly trained in the principles of teaching and interpretation and have completed diploma or degree studies in world recognized programs.


Rita Attrot, Department Head
Jan Baxendale
Janelle Cavezza
Mary Ann Cayetano
Leona Cheveldave
Esther Chung
Quyen Dao
Shifra Day
Leona Foster
Aida Gabitova
Anastasia Gavrikova
Charmaine Liu
Laurie MacArthur
Sylvia Maltby
Andrea Marek
Dr. Noel McRobbie
Christian Meyers

Susan Ouyang
Dr. Rudy Rozanski, Director of Examinations
Tammy Shung
Carly Sigurdson
Darian Simmons
Elisabeth Stuart
Atsuko Suzuki
Ewa Telega
Krystyna Tucka
Karin Wang
Christina Wong
Angela Yu-Chan


Iris An
Salvo Barrale
Lucian Barz
Pavel Chiriac
Louise Lee
Linda Musaraj, Department Head
Tina Park
Robert Rozek, Director of Strings and International Relations


Lucian Barz
Salvo Barrale
Linda Musaraj
Robert Rozek


Elvira Lagji


Aquizamin Garcia
Kyle Hawkes
Michael Ibsen
Alec Pearson
David Sossa, Department Head


Esther Chung
Sian Colman-Black
Jennifer Cyr
Sylvia Maltby
Jamie Onwood
Stella Rozek

Winds, Flute, Piccolo, Clarinet, Saxophone

Adolf Liu, Department Head
Lawrence Woodall

Theory, History, Harmony

Tiffany Lee, Department Head
Laurie MacArthur
Sylvia Maltby
Andrea Marek
Christian Meyers
Darian Simmons