Eric North

Eric North is currently studying and teaching in Sweden and is unavailable.

Eric North is a former BC Conservatory of Music student who has come back full circle to become a faculty member.  He started to play the piano as a youngster in Japan where he was born, and when he moved to Canada in his early teens, he continued to pursue piano at the BCCM with Winfred Rompf.  Besides piano, Eric has always loved to play many different instruments.  One of them was the trombone, and as a trombonist, he partook in many different ensembles such as orchestras, wind ensembles, and jazz bands.  He also has experience in conducting, singing in choirs, and has even played in meditation sessions for yoga classes and kirtans on the alto flute.  He is also a skilled improviser, and has done many solo and group improvisations in different styles.  As a composer, he has written for various mediums such as choir, piano, string orchestra, wind ensemble, jazz band, and brass ensemble.  Some of Eric’s piano music is published by the BCCM in its Horizons Repertoire books.