BCCM Examinations

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With the increased interest in piano as a means of developing essential study skills, concentration, and self-discipline which virtually guarantees future success in any field, the British Columbia Conservatory of Music piano examination system provides a stimulating, comprehensive goal for all students.

British Columbia Conservatory of Music Piano and Theory examinations are accredited by the BC Ministry of Education.

The BCCM curriculum has been developed by well-respected, knowledgeable professionals in the field of piano study, whose assistance in this endeavor is gratefully acknowledged. Both technical requirements and repertoire have been selected to represent a logical progression of skill and musical application.

You are invited to partner with the growing number of teachers and students, and participate in BCCM Examinations as a rewarding experience based on personal development, setting goals of a high academic standard, and service to the music community.

All students entering the Conservatory Examination program will have as their goal to complete at least one grade level in music per school year. Upon the successful completion of an examination the student will be issued a certificate of achievement.

Certificates are granted to students who successfully complete practical or theory examinations for Grades 1-10 as well as the Advanced Performers Certificate examination.