Aquizamin Garcia

Mr Garcia studied at the University of British Columbia – Vancouver, BC where he received his Master of Music in 2010 and, he received his Bachelor of Music in Guitar Performance with Emphasis in Pedagogy from Universidad Nacional De Colombia – Bogotá D.C, in 2003.

With more than 20 years of artistic exposure, Aquizamin Garcia has performed in metropolitan cities such as New York, Vancouver, San Antonio, Habana, Bogota, Buenos Aires among others. He has performed in various “classical” iconic venues from “The Chan Centre” in Vancouver and “Bliblioteca Luis Angel Arango” in Bogota and in numerous social settings such as Cafes and the like.

During more than 12 years of teaching experience Mr Garcia has developed music curricula based on various cultures and styles, from Classical, Jazz and Pop to Rock,Tango and Bossa-Nova. Mr Garcia is a co-designer of a guitar program based on South American and Caribbean popular-folklore music and on methodologies from the “classical guitar tradition”: Sor, Aguado, Giuliani, Pujol, Carlevaro, Nicola, Noad, and Brouwer.

He was selected from many candidates to perform in a concert series organized by the “Instiututo de Cultura y Turismo” and “Musica en los Templos” in Bogotá city in 2005 and 2006. Mr Garcia has performed at the Mannes Guitar Semminar in New York, the Arts at One concert series at Douglas College and the UBC Alumni Achievement Awards in Vancouver. Further, he performed an astounding number of 40 concerts in 2011 sponsored by the Vancouver Health Arts Society.

Mr Garcia has participated in Master classes and Workshops given by world level performers as Chick Corea, Pepe Romero, Pavel Steidl, Gentil Montaña, Shin Ichi Fukuda, Andrew York, Ana Vidovic, Katona twins, Eduardo Isaac, Luis Orlandini, Michael Partington, Eduardo Baranzano and
Martín Madrigal. Aquizamin has played at numerous student recitals where he performed both short solo pieces and ensemble pieces in a variety of chamber groups such as; guitar-flute, guitar-violin duets, guitar-violin-cello trio and guitar-violin orchestra with 10 guitars and 15 violins.

His performances can be viewed on YouTube, where he has numerous videos and recordings available.