Theory Lessons

theory, theory lessonsBCCM Theory Program
BCCM offers group lessons, private lessons, and accelerated classes in a variety of theory subjects.




Theory courses offered at BCCM include:

Basic Rudiments
Intermediate Rudiments
Advanced Rudiments
Basic Harmony
History 1
Intermediate Harmony
History 2
Advanced Harmony
History 3

Group Lessons
Group theory lessons are held throughout the school year from September to May (Fall session) and May to August (Summer session). Class sizes range from 2 students to a maximum of 10 students; all weekly classes are 45-minutes in length.  Rudiments, Harmony, Counterpoint and Analysis classes have a maximum of 8 students; History classes have a maximum of 10 students.  Registration for Fall session theory classes start in August; registration for Summer session theory classes start in April.

September 2016 Class Schedule: all classes will be preparing for the May 2016 Theory Exams.

9:30AM Intermediate Rudiments / Counterpoint
10:15AM Basic Rudiments
11:00AM Basic Harmony
11:45AM History 3
1:00PM History 1
1:45PM Advanced Rudiments
2:30PM Analysis / Advanced Harmony
3:15PM History 2
 4:00PM Intermediate Harmony

Private Lessons
Private theory lessons are also available for students throughout the school year.  30-min. to 1-hr. lessons are available on a weekly basis.

Accelerated Theory 2017 Summer Accelerated Theory Schedule.  Please note: Lessons in mid-May to June are once per week and lessons in July until the exam date are twice per week.

Notes / Text Books
Students will be informed at the first lesson of the required text, and it is the responsibility of the students to purchase the correct text for use. Students will be given handouts throughout the course of the year; a photocopying fee may apply to some theory courses. Other required course materials may apply and it is expected that students come to class prepared.

Assignment / Exams
Students will be given assignments, class quizzes and practice exams throughout the term. It is expected that all students submit assignments on time. From private theory lessons to accelerated class lessons, students are given an opportunity to obtain an excellent theory education.  It is the goal of every teacher to enhance the learning experience for all theory students in an enthusiastic and creative classroom setting.