Music Festival – May 1 to 27, 2017

Closing Date for Entries: March 7, 2016
Adjudicator Assistants Form – Closed Entry Form 2016 PDF – Closed
Adjudicators Biography Festival Tips – 2017
Class Details & Fees for Piano Fees – Payment
Class Details & Fees for Violin Festival Location – Map
Class Details & Fees for Voice Honours Recital – Map
Class Details & Fees for Guitar Program – Complete 2016 – PDF
Class Schedule 2017 Scholarship Winners 2016
Class Winners 2017 Syllabus 2017 – PDF
Entry Form 2016 Online – Closed
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Seasoned and knowledgeable adjudicators, teachers and clinicians are brought in from all parts of the lower mainland to work with the participants. The music festival is open to the public, who, are welcome to attend any class throughout the festival as part of the audience. The festival culminates with an Honors Recital and Awards Ceremony which will showcase a selected number of the top scholarship winners. The public is also welcome to attend this event.

The goals of the BCCM Music Festival are to …

  1. Provide opportunity for students to participate in an educational festival;
  2. Provide professional adjudicators who will share their expertise;
  3. Encourage and motivate students to do their very best – developing life skills;
  4. Increase the interest and appreciation of music through student performance;
  5. Support music education by providing scholarships.