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Founded in 1986, the British Columbia Conservatory of Music schools provide opportunity within the community for quality instruction by professional teachers and qualified musicians. The Conservatory is an excellent venue for the development of those students who plan professional careers, either as a teacher, performer, composer, or those pursuing music strictly for their own personal enjoyment.


The BCCM piano and theory examination system is available to students worldwide and is supported by the BCCM Advisory Board, which is endorsed by both the University of British Columbia School of Music and the British Columbia Ministry of Education whereby students receive high school credit for their BCCM examinations.

British Columbia Conservatory of MusicEducation

The education standards are among the highest available in Canada. Our faculty members are highly trained professional, enthusiastic musicians and teachers who are able to inspire and interact constructively with their students.

In addition to regular classes and private instruction, students are encouraged to participate in various recitals, master classes, music festivals and ensemble groups that are available throughout the year.


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